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What Happens if You Make These Big Mistakes Hiring a Realtor

Don’t regret your decision on hiring a realtor because you picked the wrong one

Here are some of the worst reasons to use when you’re hiring a realtor:

  • They seem really nice
  • They looked sharp and dressed well
  • They buttered you up and flattered you
  • They seemed like they know what they’re doing

Most people pick their realtor as if they have a blindfold on and they’re shooting in the dark. They either don’t have specific questions, or ask the wrong ones when interview agents.

Don’t play blind archery for something as costly as selling your home!

Read our free report called, “Blind Archery Home Selling“, and find out what’s important to ask before you agree to hire any real estate agent.

Why people make mistakes when they’re hiring a realtor

There’s a psychology to every choice we make, whether we realize it or not.

When you’re dealing with people, it’s really easy to feel drawn to those who look sharp and attractive, treat you well, and have some charm.

But being personable doesn’t equal results in the real estate industry. Here are three of the most common mistakes people make that cause them to regret their choice of realtor.

1. Don’t be charmed, stick to the facts

Sometimes the most charming people turn out to be all facade and no substance. 

No matter how clean cut and kind a real estate agent is, that doesn’t mean they know how to make great deals selling homes. Even if they seem to know what they’re talking about, worlds are not enough when you have an asset as large as a home on the line. 

2. Don’t neglect your own needs when you’re deciding who to hire

As soon as a real estate agent gets the scent that you might be ready to sell a home, they’re hunting for a commission. Before you can blink, every one of them will tell you what you need and want for your home sale – but don’t lose focus!

Make a list of what’s important to you.

If you need help making that list, there are some common criteria other savvy home sellers use when they choose the best realtors in Rocklin. Get a free real estate agent selection guide with 9 different selection factors to begin narrowing down.

3. Don’t rely on words, get receipts

As I said before, words are easy. What you want are proven results.

The best realtors can show you a solid track record of their performance getting homes sold fast and at high prices.

When you interview agents, ask them to show you:

  • Their history of selling for higher prices than others
  • A higher number of homes sold than others
  • That they have a reliable team behind them
  • They have excellent review from other home seller

If they’re worth their salt, they’ll be able to give you proof that they can sell your house fast and for top dollar.

My team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends has what you’re looking for when hiring a realtor

After I just gave realtors a scathing review for not delivering on their promises, I’d be a hypocrite if I couldn’t show you why I meet the criteria I’ve mentioned.

I’m confident that my team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends has what it takes to sell your home, leaving you satisfied with your experience.

In fact, I’m so confident that I’m willing to guarantee it.

To prove it, I have a written Home Sellers Guarantee that will hold me to my words. And if you have more questions about our process, you can ask one of our expert real estate agents about your concerns. 

You want to work with the best real estate agents and we want that for you too. That’s why you should call us at 916-943-7771

And don’t forget to get your free guide here:

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