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Value Of Your House | What Gives A Home The Most Value?

If you’re preparing to list your home soon or just want to make updates that will maximize the value of your house and sale price, this guide provides 8 ways to increase the value. With countless options for renovations and additions, what gives a home the most resale value in the eyes of buyers? Follow this guide to the top 8 value-boosting home upgrades.

Key Takeaways 

  • Curb appeal and kitchen updates recoup over 70% of costs through increased resale value by appealing to buyers’ lifestyle priorities. Updates should showcase quality materials and sought-after finishes.
  • Adding living areas like master suite expansions or converted bonus spaces tailor homes to modern families while boosting value over 4%. Smart home automation features also help maximize sales price.
  • Sustainable updates like energy efficient roofing, windows or appliances save money long-term while signaling higher resale value. With tax incentive savings plus 70% returns, green upgrades pay dividends through increased marketability.

Curb Appeal Matters

According to Zillow, a new front door recoups more than 95% of investment at resale. A fresh, bold paint color also draws buyers in. Curb appeal sets the tone when potential buyers first pull up. A welcoming exterior signals that the interior also gleams. 

Lifestyle in the Kitchen

A major kitchen remodel involving cabinetry, appliances, countertops and layout pays dividends come selling time, recouping over 70% of costs. Today’s buyers covet spacious, open kitchens graced with luxury touches like granite counters and professional-grade appliances. 

Master Bathroom Oasis  

In the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report, a master bathroom addition returned over 70% of costs at selling. Serene spa-like finishes, dual sinks, soaking tubs, and large walk-in showers entice buyers with visions of a private home oasis.

Added Living Space

Whether a converted attic or garage, added living areas accommodate modern families while increasing home value. Bonus spaces tailored to homeowners’ lifestyles also sell specialized purpose to future buyers, from home gyms to media rooms.  

Outdoor Living Expandations

As backyards become extended living areas, covered patios, kitchens, and fireplace lounges offer more space to relax, play, or entertain. Landscaping also boosts curb appeal. Outdoor additions recoup over 70% of investment, reports Remodeling magazine.

This holds even more true in California.  With great weather, many California residents focus on spending more time outdoors with improved outdoor living accommodations.

Energy Efficient Updates 

Replacing aging windows, doors, roofing or siding improves energy efficiency while modernizing aesthetic. Tax credits also apply to qualifying energy efficient projects, while upgraded insulation cuts future bills.

Flooring Face-Lifts

While minor updates like new carpet increase value, refinishing hardwood flooring can yield 95% ROI. Modern porcelain tiles also mimic wood minus the maintenance. 

Smart Home Automation 

Home automation allows monitoring and controlling of lighting, security, HVAC and appliances remotely. Smart home features impress tech-savvy buyers willing to pay over 3% premiums for built-in conveniences.

Value of Your House

Strategically selecting the right enhancements converts to maximum home value. Consistently modernizing and upgrading over time lets homeowners reclaim investments through higher resale prices.


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