Selling a Home Virtually

Virtually Online Selling A Home Gurantee!

Homeowners, have you heard about our “Selling your Home Virtually Program? If your wish to sell in Rocklin, California, and do not want to risk Covid-19 exposure. We have solved this issue with our Covid-19 seller’s protection plan. We sell homes virtually to keep you and your family safe—no need to enter the house.

Everything is 100% virtual. With our systems in place, we can sell your home with the most demand. Before listing your home, our Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty team creates a market analysis of your home compared to active virtual listings and already sold homes.

After collecting this information, we provide you with the market value of your California home and the guaranteed selling price. All you have to do is agree and sign. After the agreement, you decide when you want to move.

100% Virtual Home Selling

Our database includes thousands of buyers looking to buy a home in California. We match your criteria to a buyer that fits your needs. After the matching process, we send a virtual tour of your home to the prospective buyer. Feel free to use our photographer to film the time or do it yourself. If the buyer agrees, you will receive an offer letter and a closing date to sign.

We GUARANTEE to Sell Your California Home

If your home doesn’t sell in the expected timeframe, we will buy it for the guaranteed sales price. If you receive a higher offer on your home, we will match that offer. Our California realtors dedicate their time and resources to ensure you are double-protected.

We enjoy giving our California home sellers peace of mind and security on their investments. No matter what, you will sell your home for your asking price or higher. Selling your home virtually online is risk-free and guaranteed.
Think of this as a better than risk-free insurance policy. When you receive this guaranteed price from us in writing, you will have the security of knowing that your home is guaranteed to sell. Selling a Home Virtually online along with our 100% guarantee for you as a home seller is essential, no matter what your win. We are taking the risk out of home selling. You know your home will sell, you and your family are safe, and you will always benefit from the highest offer (whether it’s our guaranteed sale price or a higher offer from an outside buyer).

You can sell your California home virtually while not having to worry about your family’s health, when you access our COVID-19 Seller Protection Program.

The best part about our COVID 19 Seller Protection Program is that you eliminate the usual stress and worry that most home sellers have, contact us today for more details:

  • No possibly sick buyers coming into your home.
  • You choose the closing date.
  • No emotional roller coaster.
  • No chance of getting stuck owning two homes.

Our COVID 19 Seller Protection Program makes the house selling process safe in these uncertain times.


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