5 Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your House

Instead of waiting for pests to enter your home, taking preventive measures to keep them out of your home in the first place is the easier and more cost-effective way to enjoy a bug-free summer.

  • Maintain Plants: Bugs use untrimmed branches that touch your home as a bridge to enter, so make sure you are cutting them back to eliminate their way of entry. In addition, mulch garden beds are essentially an open invitation for pests to create their very own home outside your house. If you have a bad pest problem, consider opting for a less attractive foundation such as rocks.
  • Seal Entryways: We all know that bugs can get in through the tiniest cracks. Regularly inspect and repair any warped or broken doors or windows, tears in screens, loose siding, foundation cracks, and gaps around utility lines. Keep in mind that caulk is not ideal because most pests can chew right through it, instead, try steel wool, copper mesh, sheet metal, or mortar.
  • Change Your Lights: If possible, positioning your exterior lights away from your doors will keep insects further away. Also, replace standard mercury vapor lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights with a pink, yellow, or orange tint, as they are less attractive to them.
  • Food Storage: Pests have an exceptional sense of smell, and if your food is easily accessible, they will take note. Always store food in sealed containers!
  • Keep Clean: The cleaner the inside and outside of your home are, the less pests will like it. Cleaning disturbs the areas where they are considering making a home, will pick up crumbs they were feeding on, and scare them away from potential entry. But don’t forget to clean your outdoor garbage disposal areas too! Your trash bins need a tight-fitting lid and the area around them should be kept free of debris.