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3 Ways to Get More Money in Rocklin When You Sell a House

Home sellers in your area are wondering how to get more money in Rocklin when they put their home up for sale. With rising interest rates and talks of a recession, home sellers are understandably worried about maximizing the profit on their home sale. Is there anything you can do to get the highest price on your home or are you at the will of the markets? 

The good news is that you can maximize your home sale profit with our 3 easy and effective tips:

  1. Get Your Home in Showroom Condition
  2. Price Your Home to Sell
  3. Work with an Expert Realtor

Here, we explore each of these tips and show you how to ensure your home sells at the highest possible price point.

1. Get Your Home in Showroom Condition

You can get more money in Rocklin by returning your home to its former model home condition. While this may seem like a big task, breaking it into smaller parts makes it more manageable. Because home sales are based on emotion, your objective is to allow the potential homebuyer to envision themselves and their family thriving in your home.

A large-scale decluttering and organization tactic will help your home have a clean, minimalist look that is popular with homebuyers. Painting the walls neutral colors and removing personal effects is also a good idea. Don’t forget to beautify the outside of your home, as your curb appeal can make or break a sale: power washing or planting flowers goes a long way to highlight your home’s potential. 

2. Price Your Home to Sell

Once your home is shining like new, the next step is to price your home to sell. Beware of pricing your home too low or too high as the former can scare off homebuyers and the latter will cause you to lose out on profits. The best way to obtain the most competitive price is to have a comparative market analysis completed for your home by an experienced realtor. The analysis will compare your home to similar homes in the same area to find your perfect price. 

Once your home has been priced to sell, you’ll be amazed at how quickly offers start rolling in. From there, an experienced realtor can help you negotiate the highest price possible and ensure that your home sale goes smoothly. 

3. Work with an Expert Realtor

Finally, the best way to get more money in Rocklin is by working with an expert realtor. From pricing your home to sell to writing the ads and beyond, an expert realtor can elevate your real estate experience. Most importantly, their knowledge of the market and connections to qualified homebuyers will save you time and a considerable amount of money. 

Another way an expert realtor can save you money is by connecting you with other trusted professionals. Contractors, mortgage loan officers, cleaners and other professionals cultivate relationships with realtors who are top performers. Because our expert realtors refer business to them, they give us the top rates to save the most amount of money – and we pass those savings on to you! 

Get More Money in Rocklin with Nic Judd

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty- Nic Judd, we understand that maximizing your profit is important to you. Although the markets may be unsteady, we remain firm in our commitment to saving you money on your next home. To find out more about how we can help you get more money in Rocklin, call us at 916-943-7771, contact us here or complete the form on this page.


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