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5 Benefits of Using a Realtor For a New Construction Home in Rocklin

Why Is It Essential to Enlist a Realtor for a New Construction Home?

Have you and your family decided to buy a new home? One of the choices you will have to make during this process is whether you want to buy a resale home or a new construction home in Rocklin. If you have made the decision to invest in a new construction home in Rocklin, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends can be of great assistance to you.

Our realtors have vast experience helping home buyers like you work with builders in the home construction process, and we will happily provide you with a variety of benefits and protections that other realtors are unable to offer. 

If you are unsure about the need for hiring a real estate professional, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends is here to give you five reasons to give it deep consideration. We guarantee you will get the best deal on a new construction home in Rocklin. Plus you’ll walk away 100% satisfied with our service.

1. Realtors Keep Your Best Interests in Mind at All Times

If you have not previously made an investment in a new construction home in Rocklin, you may think that the process is much simpler than it actually is. It would seem like you should simply be able to talk to a builder, sign a contract, and move in when the home is complete. In reality, there are many more issues to concern yourself with throughout the transaction.

With all of this in mind and to reduce the risk of being taken advantage of by a home builder, it is wise to utilize the experience and expertise of a skilled realtor such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends. Having our realtors on your side, you can rest assured that we will advocate for your best interests. 

As you might expect, a home builder will have a realtor on their side throughout the transaction. It is their protection and security during the process. Their realtor will act as the seller’s realtor to ensure that the builder achieves their goals and gets the best deal possible. To stay on equal ground with the builder, you should always have a realtor working to get you the best outcome!

Realtors Understand the Builder’s Strategy

If you’re not well-versed and experienced in the real estate industry, you may not know the procedures. Home builders often have a buyer tour a model home which includes a variety of attractive features like granite countertops, upgraded appliances, crown molding, and much more. What they do not tell you, however, is that they don’t automatically include these features will not automatically in the home you buy.

Instead, features such as these are available as add-ons. This means you need to purchase them in addition to the base price. They do not come standard in a new construction home in Rocklin. You may be shocked to find this out once the home has been built because builders do not generally disclose this information upfront. 

2. Realtors Can Negotiate Aggressively and Effectively on Your Behalf

In a similar manner to negotiating the purchase of a resale home, realtors are happy to negotiate with builders, especially with the availability of add-ons. Builders are much more likely to negotiate with realtors, so you can get a better price and additional features.

Why are builders likely to negotiate with realtors? Because realtors have formed strong relationships with builders and have the ability to bring more business to them. Realtors, therefore, have far more leverage during negotiations than home buyers. They can bring valuable business to builders, so the builders are willing to negotiate and make them (and their clients) happy. 

3. Realtors Cut out Conflict

If you have ever read a legal contract of any kind, you would know that they are full of dense legal language that can be very difficult to understand. In the real estate industry, these contracts are certainly complicated, and it takes an experienced realtor to make sure you are getting the best deal from that contract.

In addition to the language in the contract, your realtor can assist you when it comes to dealing with the builder directly. Rather than the potential for conflict in the event that you disagree with the builder’s terms in the contract, your realtor can more effectively communicate your concerns without becoming emotional or defensive. 

During the home building process, you might start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, especially if there is a heated conflict. Your realtor is invaluable because he or she helps you avoid that conflict, ensures the process goes smoothly, and gets everything put in writing for your full protection.

4. Realtors Find You the Best Inspectors and Lenders

When you want the best terms during the process of building a new construction home in Rocklin, our realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends will find you the ideal inspectors, title companies, and lenders in the area. We will also tell you why it is not worthwhile to take builders up on their offers for discounts and other incentives if you work with their lenders. 

Why would you not want to get their discounts? Because the lenders the builder prefers may not provide you the best deal. As your realtor, we will do all of the research and make sure you get the absolute best deal. We can do all of the work evaluating your financing options to ensure that all of your needs are met. 

Our team will also make sure you have the right home inspectors and title companies during your transaction. While the builder may have their preferred companies to use, you do not have to use them. Our third-party inspectors will be more ideal because they are a neutral party.

5. Realtor Services Are Free for Home Buyers

Last but not least, you will want to hire an experienced realtor to help you buy a new construction home in Rocklin, CA, because it is FREE! That’s right! 100% free. The home builder pays the realtor in a similar way that a home seller would usually pay for a home buyer’s realtor’s commission. 

It is a little known fact that most home builders actually factor the realtor costs into their budgets when building a home. It is simply a necessary cost of doing business and ensuring that more business comes their way.

Be aware that choosing not to use a realtor for the process of buying a new construction home in Rocklin will NOT save you money. You will still pay the same amount whether you use the realtor or not – the builder will not credit the commission costs that they would have saved or give you a discount. So there really is no reason not to utilize the expertise of a realtor. 

Our Team Will Help You Buy a New Construction Home in Rocklin, CA

If you are a home buyer in Rocklin, CA, and you have decided to invest in new home construction, be sure to contact our experts at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends. We have helped thousands of home buyers like you find the perfect home and work with builders to get the best deal. Our team offers a variety of unique home buyer guarantees that you won’t find anywhere else and will make the process as smooth as possible. 

Are you ready to get started with the home building process? Great! Give our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends a call or fill out the form below with the requested information to find out more and to begin your new life in a new construction home in Rocklin, CA!


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